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Marijuana Seeds Australia is an online ecommerce site that sells marijuana seeds in Australia. 

Our mission is to provide the highest quality marijuana seed products and information to marijuana growers throughout Australia and across the world.

We’ve been selling marijuana seeds since 2006, and we know a lot about our product and how it can help. Don’t trust your purchase to just anyone online. 

If you’re serious about growing great weed, then you need a trusted supplier like us.Once you try our cannabis seeds, we think you’ll agree that finding the perfect strain for your needs has never been easier. 

We offer everything from autoflowering cannabis strains to indica-dominant cannabis strains for sativa enthusiasts!

Marijuana Seeds Australia began in 2006 with one thing in mind: providing the highest quality marijuana seed products to Australian growers at affordable prices. 

We owe our success in large part to our commitment to allowing growers access to high-quality genetics at a reasonable price point so they can keep their plants healthy by helping them maximize yields while decreasing prevalence of pests, mould, mildew and root rot during flowering time.


Our team

Get to learn our expert growers!

Amanda Lee

Founder & og grower

I’ve always had a passion for growing marijuana since I was first introduced to it in my teenage years. I’ve had the opportunity to expand my knowledge and skills as an expert grower over time.

Adam Cheise

Head of marketing

Adam Cheise was born in the outback of Australia, but moved to the big city of Sydney when he was just three years old. He’s now living a life that’s anything but conventional – never before has cannabis been grown so close to a major Australian city!

Lary Flint

Graphic Designer

Growing up in the United States, I enjoyed the freedom and opportunity to explore my creativity and interests. One of these interests was in growing plants, which lead me to hydroponic growing. After moving to Australia, I found that it is perfectly suited for cultivating marijuana for medicinal purposes.

Melisa Pomero

customer Support

My name is Melisa Pomero, and I am the founder of Cannabis Graphic Design. Being a woman in an industry dominated by men has been both challenging and great at the same time. I love being a part of a new industry that is still so underdeveloped and growing, but at the same time, I don’t want to be one of those women who does it for their own sake; I want to do it because I believe in my passion for the plant.

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